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Image of Jay, newly elected president of the Student Union Hey there students!
This is just an e-mail from you’re Full-Time Officers. As President I’m first up in what will be the 1st of 4 email’s from us over the year to you about what’s going on and what we are up to, enjoy!
I don’t think there is a better place to start than the madness that is Fresher’s. This year I can without a doubt say we have had our best ever Fresher’s Fortnight. It all kicked off with a Fresher’s Fiesta on The Acre at Headingley Campus attended by thousands of students. Our SU club events broke record numbers with 3 very busy Fresher’s events. We were graced with the presence of Shy FX & Matt Edmondson who both particularly noted to me that they really enjoyed playing in front of you.

We had record breaking numbers attending both our Headingley & City Campus Fresher’s Fairs. This event continues to grow each year. With record attendance of sports teams & societies as well as commercial partners such as Dominos, Xbox, Spotify and many more we hope our Re-Fresher’s Fair will follow the same theme and do just as well, besides who in their right mind would turn down free stuff as a student!

But our Fresher’s schedule didn’t end there we had some really good fresher’s events twice over the 2 weeks. We had a film night going on hosted by our amazing award winning Film Society. We had an international post-office where our international students could come for some complimentary tea & treats with them also being able to write a postcard back home on us. We had our amazingly attended Breakfast Club where students could come for a free breakfast in the morning in our brand new Student Union offices. Also worth note was our again oversubscribed cocktail making masterclass where students got the opportunity to make some really top notch cocktails & mocktails. There was soooo much more to mention like Sunday Roasts and our kids party. We were joined by Adam Smith the co-founder of ‘The Real Junk Food Project’ to launch ‘In Conversation With’ our brand new guest speaker series.
Fuel Venue at City Campus
The Freshers fair at Headingley Campus
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Introducing the Leeds Student Survey
What makes Leeds one of the best cities in the UK for students? Leeds Students Unions are working together to ensure it stays that way! Let us know!
Brand new Student Union offices
As some may have already seen the Student Union has now moved to its swanky new offices located at City Campus in Portland Building, 1st Floor.

Also worth note is that we are re-opening our SU Offices located above the SU bar at Headingley Campus, next to the Living Room space for our volunteering department. We are also going to be having a fair few members of staff working there 1 day a week on a rotational basis so that students at Headingley Campus don’t feel left out from the services we provide. I mean for goodness sake 60% of our courses are up there!
Image 1 of 2 of the new Student Union office blocks at City Campus
Image 2 of 2 of the new Student Union office blocks at City Campus
Once again it gives me the great pleasure to say that we have walked over our neighbour university, Leeds University in our annual complicated relationship with them as friend & foe, Varsity. The win this year marks us beating them every year for a decade which I don’t know about you but makes me grin from ear to ear with pride. Big shout to all our students who took part win or loss you did us proud!
What are your Officers up to?
With Fresher’s out of the way we your officers are getting down to what is the strongest part of why we are here. However to reduce down the size of this email here is a link to our Student Union webpages:

We have also implemented some of your student feedback from academic year 13/14.

  1. The SU Perception Survey is too long.
    We’re not going to do a perception survey this year. Instead we’re going to ask targeted questions and concentrate on actioning what you tell us to do.
  2. We don’t know who the Officers are?
    Every week during term time at Headingley and City Campuses the Officers are going out with Beanbags and Teabags. You can sit down with them, have a cup of tea and tell them what you think they need to do on your behalf.
  3. We want cheaper and more convenient transport.
    Your officers have already secured £1 bus fare between the Arndale Centre in Headingley and Broadcasting Place with Tiger Bus.
  4. Free Microsoft Office
    Free Microsoft Office for every student for the duration of your studies. More info coming soon.
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